The Tribe

Better work. Nicer people.

The Tribe

We are a tribe united by a singular belief - an unmitigated, undiluted, clear-cut devotion to top work. The people who work for us come from all over the world. Specialists, thinkers and doers in the things they love. Advertising, digital, design, solutions, ideas. We have no vested interests to anyone other than our clients, their brands and our own reputation. We were born independent. And it makes us very proud. 


Robert Mitchell

Building 3, Unit 3205
Gold & Diamond Park
P.O. Box 282661

Tel: +971 4 341 6396
Fax: +971 4 341 6402

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  • Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority
  • Diageo
  • Dolphin Energy
  • DP World
  • Dubai Culture & Arts Authority
  • Dubai World Trade Centre
  • Emaar Hospitality Group
  • Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
  • Environment Agency Abu Dhabi
  • Executive Affairs Authority
  • Flash Entertainment
  • Grosvenor House Hotel
  • Hermes Retreats
  • Imdad
  • JW Marriot Marquis
  • Kempinski Hotels & Residences
  • Le Royal Meridien
  • Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund
  • Monte Carlo Beach Club
  • Monviso
  • OSN
  • Shaza Hotels
  • Takaud
  • TDIC
  • Technology Development Committee



A tribe could refer to the three divisions of the ancient Romans - or a group of people sharing an occupation, interest or habit.

We, at The Tribe, are not Romans. We are a tribe of advertisers drawn from all over the world. Our “elders” are guided by (all-too-uncommon) common sense. Coming from a range of specialist disciplines, we have all held senior positions at big agencies in Dubai and internationally.

We all use creativity in sensible, relevant and engaging ways to enhance our clients’ brands and their consumer followings. And we all work together without departments, without divisions and without hierarchy.

Belief #1: Creating loyal followings

Because only consumers can turn brands into icons, we create the connections to bring them closer.

Belief #2: Bravery and commitment

We are dedicated to producing exceptional results, by an unwavering belief in ourselves and our clients.

Belief #3: Working inclusively

Brainstorming with clients helps us understand the tone and personality aspects which a brief rarely captures.

Belief #4: Storytelling engages people

Nothing inspires emotion more than a good story. They’re at the heart of every iconic brand.

Belief #5: Unifying different skills

Combining experts in the specialist fields of advertising, branding and digital creates more effective work.




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